Friday Favorites 01.06.17

Here’s what I’m loving this week!

Daily hamstring flexibility work.

My favorite new yogini to follow on Instagram is definitely Erica Tenggara. She freely shares her expertise (not to mention her amazing practice) via her page and it’s a worthwhile resource for new and experienced yogis alike. I want to get my splits pose in 2017, so I’ve been practicing her splits progression (pictured above) regularly and holding a forward fold for 3 minutes every morning and evening (a suggestion I read on her page as well).

Spiralized golden beets.

My favorite of the veggies I’ve spiralized so far! These “boodles” have a nice bite and a mildly sweet flavor that paired well with browned butter, garlic, salt and pepper for a simple sautéed side dish. This is the spiralizer I have and I absolutely love it (affiliate link). I’m trying to get back to eating a primarily plant-based diet after the holidays – I want to try to find some nearby restaurants that specialize in vegetarian/vegan food too though so I have options when I feel like eating out (which is when I usually end up eating meat).

Crocheted baby legwarmers.

I just had to try this pattern for a friend who’s having a baby girl soon. They’re so flipping cute. I either need to make a pair in my size or figure out how to have a guaranteed baby girl myself next time around so she can wear them. (I made the legwarmers on the left and the image on the right is from The Anarchist Knitter).

Tangie laundry detergent.

I found this brand of eco-friendly laundry detergent via the amazing Carrie Willard, my favorite new blog friend. Instead of using crazy amounts of plastic packaging every time you buy detergent, this company makes it easy to use a reusable container by selling small blocks of concentrated, all-natural detergent. I used half a block for the jar pictured above. Even better, you can buy it on Amazon! (affiliate link).


What are you loving this week?