My Plant-Based Snack Drawer

For the past week I’ve been purging and organizing our entire house from top-to-bottom, focusing especially on my kitchen. Organizing my fridge in particular has been a huge game changer – I’m throwing away less food, eating healthier, and cooking more. While arranging my freshly-cleaned fridge, I decided to make a bin just for grab-and-go snacks. My son and I have been making a few too many bagel stops recently, and my husband tends to go for hours and hours without eating at work and then end up too famished to wait for healthy meals. We need quick, convenient snacks that are filling but nutrient-dense.

This week, I filled our snack drawer with baggies of sliced veggies, apples, GoMacro bars, and jars of cashews, dried apricots, and homemade protein balls. It’s the perfect mix of light and more calorie-dense options, and the jars are just the right size for my son and me to share. Having everything packaged up and neatly arranged makes me actually FEEL like choosing a healthy snack, which in and of itself is a huge win!

I filled these pint mason jars with cashews and dried apricots from Trader Joe’s (their Extra Choice Californian dried apricots are so delicious), dark chocolate chips, and my peanut butter protein balls (a staple in our household!). This combination of flavors is ideal when you’re craving sweet + salty.

The first time I ever had a GoMacro bar was when I went to NYC during high school. In Iowa where I grew up we didn’t have any fancy health food stores at the time, so when I went to one in New York I definitely geeked out over all the amazing healthy food products and beautifully packaged bars. I’m pretty sure I saved the package from that bar in my NYC memories folder 😛

GoMacro recently contacted me and offered to let me try their latest vegan protein bar selection. I had no idea that the company is based in Wisconsin, about two hours away from where I live. I love these new flavors! My favorite, pictured above, is the Everlasting Joy, with coconut, almond butter, and chocolate chips. It’s chewy, dense, and just-sweet-enough, spiked with coconut flakes and dark chocolate chips.

It’s also organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and raw, and contains 10 grams of plant-based protein. Paired with a coffee, tea, or kombucha, it’s my new favorite afternoon pick-me-up. Miles loves the bars too – his favorite flavor is the Protein Pleasure, with peanut butter and chocolate chips (unsurprisingly). If you’re looking for a convenient and super-healthy bar made by a company that prioritizes the environment, giving back to our communities, and utilizing only the highest quality ingredients, I definitely recommend GoMacro. Their packaging is adorable as well, which definitely won me over 🙂 You can shop their new vegan protein bars here.

How do you organize your fridge to help you eat healthier? I’m looking for more clever ideas to implement!

  1. Lisa

    I love the mason jar combo idea! I think I might try that. Does Miles eat cashews? Maven doesn’t like nuts. ?

    • [email protected]

      Cashews have always been one of his favorite foods! Although he continues to be quite a bit more picky than Maven overall 😛 Hope you and yours are well.