Low-Carb Chocolate Truffles (Only Three Ingredients!)


No one should have to go without delicious chocolate in their life!Β Make these simple low-carb chocolate truffles and enjoy the benefits of chocolate with none of the side effects of sugar.

NOTE: This recipe has become super popular – awesome! However, I’ve gotten a number of comments from readers who have struggled with the ingredients separating and causing all sorts of problems. While I didn’t encounter this issue when I originally made the truffles, today (2/13/16) I reworked the recipe to make it fail-safe. I want everything you make from my blog to work perfectly the first time πŸ™‚Β 

I bought a pink jogging stroller at a consignment shop on Tuesday and Miles and I have already logged about 15 miles. The warmer weather, as is it every spring,Β isΒ a revelation. The melted snowbanks may reveal hardened dog poop and lost winter hats and the world may still be a dingy shade of greige but I don’t care. It feels as if my “livable space” has been expanded by approximately one billion square feet.

Miles sits very solemnly in his gender-inappropriate stroller taking it all in. He typically falls asleep around mile two. He only sleeps when moving recently; so either I’ll run every nap timeΒ and get thin or drive him around every night, answering the siren-call of fast food drive-throughs and getting fat. The jury is still out.

3 Ingredient Low-Carb + Sugar-Free Chocolate Truffles

I found Lily’s Chocolate at a local health food store this week – I was excited to see a stevia-sweetened chocolate option available locally but decided that it’s just too expensive for me. These truffles are yet another answer to creating my own DIY option. To be a true replacement for a chocolate bar, a recipe must be quick and simple so that I can keep it on hand all the time. These truffles, tucked into the refrigerator, are just the ticket.

They’re lovely plain or smooshed with some toasted nuts or coconut flakes. They’re also delicious atop a spoonful of nut butter or a scoop of low-carb ice cream. My next plan is to spread one on a piece of bread Nutella-style – I’ll let you know how that goes.

3 ingredient easy low carb chocolate truffles

These truffles are essentially ganache made with a low-carb sweetener. I used Pyure Stevia Blend, which I buy at Wal-Mart. It’s also available online. It’s twice as sweet as table sugar. If you have another low-carb POWDERED (not liquid!) sweetener you prefer (such as Swerve, powdered stevia, xylitol, erythritol, Trim Healthy Mama brand sweeteners, Splenda, Truvia, etc.), feel free to substitute. There are many charts online to help you convert sweetener quantities. This is one of my favorites. This recipe is theoretically as sweet as if it had 1 cup of table sugar in it, info which will help with sweetener conversions.

Also, the quality of chocolate you use in this recipe makes a big difference (obviously!). Try to avoid the cheapo unsweetened chocolate “squares” typically available at grocery stores. Look for Ghirardelli or a similar premium brand. You deserve only the best chocolate πŸ™‚

Three-Ingredient Low-Carb Chocolate Truffles

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

25 minutes

Yield: 20

Serving Size: 1 truffle


8 grams

Simple three-ingredient chocolate truffles are the perfect quick chocolate fix! Even better, they are low-carb and sugar-free.


  • 9 ounces heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup Pyure Stevia Blend Sweetener (see post for substitution notes)
  • 1 package best quality unsweetened baking chocolate (4 ounces), chopped


  1. Place chocolate in a shallow heatproof bowl. Set aside.
  2. Warm cream and sweetener in a small saucepan over medium-low heat. Heat until sweetener dissolves and mixture is hot but not simmering.
  3. Pour hot cream over chocolate. Let sit for one minute, and then gently whisk together using a fork. It will form a thick (but still liquid) mixture.
  4. Refrigerate ganache until firm.
  5. Line a baking sheet with parchment. Use a small cookie scoop to scoop truffle mixture onto parchment.
  6. Store truffles in the refrigerator. Allow to "temper" at room temperature for a few minutes before enjoying.

Net carbs per truffle = 1 gram


This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive minimal compensation if you make a purchase using a product link found below. It all goes towards ingredients for recipe testing!Β 

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Nutrition Facts Per Truffle:Β 

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    Thank you for this- it’s exactly what I needed! My 11 yr old was just diagnosed with type one diabetes. Although he gets insulin after consuming carbs, I’ve been looking for recipes with lower carb counts for general better health. I’ll be getting liquid stevia tomorrow, these will make his day!

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      [email protected]

      I’m so glad to hear that, Noel! If your son is used to a more “milk chocolate style” chocolate, adding a bit of peanut butter to the recipe can cut the intensity of the dark chocolate flavor. Let me know what he thinks.

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    I tried these today. I did not use liquid stevia but I did use some substantial shapes of my granulated stevia. It did thicken, but really wouldn’t set up for me. I really didn’t know what the consistency should look like. I’d say they weren’t quite like chocolate chip cookie dough, more gooeyier. They are in the freezer and I’ll eat them, but wondering if I should have continued stirring while they were cooking.

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      [email protected]

      Hi Linda – Thanks for trying my recipe! I’ve only ever made it with liquid stevia, so I’m not sure how granulated stevia would interact with the cream and chocolate. When I make them I keep stirring until the mixture is definitely the consistency of chocolate chip cookie dough. Then once I’ve shaped them and they’ve set for a bit they get slightly firmer. Still definitely sticky and not as “contained” as traditional truffles, so best enjoyed cold – but maybe I’ll give it a go with granulated stevia and see if I come to any conclusions.

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        Thank you. I’ll try making them again and just continuing to stir until more stiff. I wouldn’t think the dry stevia would make a difference. Let me know what you learn if you do. They still turned out pretty yummy.

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          [email protected]

          Hi Linda, just wanted to let you know that I reworked this recipe today and made some changes which I think will help guarantee more success for readers!

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    My mum inquires as to where the best place to find unsweetened baking chocolate is.

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      [email protected]

      Hi Sonja – I get it at Wal-Mart…are you in Australia? I’m in the US so I’m not entirely sure where would be best for you, but it’s available in the baking section of most grocery stores here.

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    Are you talking about baking chocolate in the recipe?

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    I am making these and as I was stirring in my stevia, it suddenly seemed like the fat was separating from the chocolate, which I understand can happen when tempering chocolate. Has this happened to you? I don’t know if I should keep stirring or just let it sit.

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      [email protected]

      Hi Michelle – I’m sorry that happened…no, it hasn’t happened to me. I guess I would probably let it sit and cool down for awhile and then gently reheat and try to recombine it? What did you end up doing?

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        That happens when water, even a tiny drop, gets in

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    To avoid separating, lower the temp as you temper it, you do want to keep stirring it. You are essentially making ganache. Also yes, adding granulated sweetener is going to give you a grainier texture. I would try and grind it down in a food processor if you aren’t using a liquid. my sister is a chocolatier, so I’ve had some experience with truffles.

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      [email protected]

      Thanks for the input, Misty! A coffee bean grinder can also work well for making granular sweeteners finer. And a little coffee flavor is never amiss in a truffle πŸ™‚

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    sorry toddler hit enter for me. πŸ˜‰ chocolate can be a little temperamental, and cooking it longer at a lower temp or even a double boiler can be the key to making really good truffles. .

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    Hi there! Do you think it would work to make this dairy free as well?

  9. Leave a Reply


    Having never used liquid Stevia, I would have no idea when you say “to taste”. One drop, 10 drops? Give me somewhere to start. Thanks

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Linda, thanks for trying my recipe! I think, with careful reading, you’ll find that I did provide “somewhere to start” in step 3 of the recipe:

      Stir in stevia to taste (I used the equivalent of 6 servings according to the information on my bottle of stevia, or 48 drops).

      Also, below the recipe, I link to the exact brand of liquid stevia that I used. Thanks!

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    I made these but they always get a weird white oil ring around the bottom. any ideas?

  11. Leave a Reply


    Just made these. After adding the liquid Stevia, the mixture got very oily looking. I did not add the amount called for. I was a little afraid everything would separate even more. The taste was a little off till I added some granulated erythritol about 1/3 cup (Swerve) while mixing. The granules blended perfectly with the mixture and I found the taste to be greatly improved. If adding granular sweetener you do no need to grind it. Just keep mixing. The chocolate still looked oily and separate. I let it cool and put the entire mix in a plastic container and put it in the fridge. I was not hopeful, but after a couple of hours it did firm up. There was a white ring around the container which must have come from the “fat” but it did not make a difference in the taste and I then was able to scoop it into truffles.

    I will make these again and maybe add an additional extract like vanilla or coffee. Be sure to test for sweetness while mixing. Have also purchased sugar free syrup (sweetened with stevia) and plan on trying those instead of liquid Stevia. Good recipe to satisfy that chocolate craving.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Thanks for the detailed feedback! I like the idea of adding additional flavoring. I hope to make this recipe again soon to see if I have the issue with separating – I’ll let you know if I do πŸ™‚

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      Where did you get the syrup and what brand is it? Thanks

  12. Leave a Reply


    I’m making them now and there is a layer of water separated is this normal?

  13. Leave a Reply

    Karen S

    Do you heavy whipping cream? I was also going to use truvia baking mix. Do you think that would be okay? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Karen! Yes, heavy whipping cream is correct. I think Truvia baking mix should work well, just make sure it has a fine texture (I’m not familiar with the product, but if the texture is at all coarse I suggest grinding it down with a coffee grinder or food processor). Let me know how the recipe turns out for you!

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    Hi I just tried making these and the mix isn’t getting thick when at room temperature. It is still liquidy. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Krissy – I would try cooking the mixture for longer. It really takes a while for a sufficient amount of liquid to evaporate.

  15. Leave a Reply


    I’m sorry but this appears to be a waste of expensive ingredients πŸ™ it was a beautiful ganache until I added the liquid stevia…then complete separation occurred and there was no return of consistency….very sad as the pics looked delicious

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      I’m sorry to hear that you had that experience, Kim. What liquid stevia brand did you use? And did you add it drop by drop, or all at once?

      • Leave a Reply


        I added it drip by drop and used sweet drops by sweet leaf πŸ™

        • Leave a Reply

          [email protected]

          Well I’m sorry to hear that, Kim! I used Stevita brand and I’m not sure if there are any significant differences between the two. I think I’m going to test the recipe again because I know a lot of readers have had trouble with the liquid stevia segment of the recipe. I’ll let you know if I make any discoveries.

  16. Leave a Reply


    I tried this recipe and it’s too bitter for me! What do I do? Add more stevia drops? I even added pnut butter but it didn’t help! ?

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hmmm what brand of stevia did you use? Have you ever worked with powdered erythritol or xylitol before? They’re sugar-free sweeteners that tend to be a little less bitter than stevia πŸ™‚

  17. Leave a Reply


    Thanks for the recipe! Mine turned out super yummy! I used 4 to 5 packs of truvia , sugar free peanut butter. I also added some vanilla & caramel extract! So good!

  18. Leave a Reply


    Just a side note…some of us aren’t cooks or bakers…I had no idea that I had to keep stirring after chocolate melted..always heard about burning chocolate…anyway, water mix. Tried whisking it fast (it is whipping cream) nothing…finally read rest of comments and realized I’m seriously making something not just stirring some ingredients together. Actually took about 30 mins on my stove for it to thicken after I realized I need to heat it up more. Not sure if instructions could be clarified/simplified for other non cookers like me? Thanks!

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    My husband and I really don’t care for stevia flavor. Will this work with splenda?

  20. Leave a Reply

    Lisa M.

    These do not set. I have had the mixture out at room temp for over an hour and it’s still soupy. πŸ™ And even with over 50 drops of liquid Stevia, the mixture is bitter.

  21. Leave a Reply


    How long do you normally have to cook and stir it on the stove top? I’m trying to make them right now and I’ve been stirring for probably about 15 minutes and it is still pretty creamy and not cookie dough consistency

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Krista – I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I think if you took the mixture off of heat at this point and let it cool to room temperature it would thicken appropriately. How did they turn out for you?

  22. Leave a Reply


    Made these today. I had similar experience..separation..ugh! Decided to skim off some of the oil..added some peanut butter, Smucker natural..silly me, more oil..skimmed again. Added stevia extract. Still didn’t taste sweet enough. I added some honey. With it still being runny, I added more cream..the coldness helped thicken. .but not quite enough to set. Running out of patience I decided to give up on the low carb idea (which the added honey pretty much did) and added powdered sugar..yes, the bad kind. It thickened finally..plopped them on parchment paper..chilled..devoured what was left in the pan..grabbed my car keys and left for Anytime Fitness! Lord knows I needed it to burn off the extra sugar.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Vicki, I’m so sorry about your bad experience with this recipe! Because I’ve gotten a lot of feedback like this, I reworked the recipe today and made some changes (which the post now reflects). I hope you’ll try them again because I think the recipe is much more sound now. Again, I’m sorry about the frustration!

      • Leave a Reply


        Thank you for the revised recipe. A much better experience this time!

  23. Leave a Reply


    Hi… do you have powdered stevia or liquid stevia? I have never used it before.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      I suggest using powdered sweeteners in this recipe. The brand of stevia I like is linked below the recipe – it’s called Pyure. They carry it at many Wal-Marts!

  24. Leave a Reply


    followed the directions exactly. i now have very soft spoonfuls of frosting. this didn’t set up at all – and i even put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. also, mine aren’t nearly as dark as your pics. i used 60% cocoa baker’s bittersweet. was i supposed to use dark?

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Kate – I used unsweetened baking chocolate (as opposed to bittersweet or semisweet)…that shouldn’t have changed the consistency, however. Did you weight the ingredients? How long did you leave the ganache in the fridge? Hope I can help!

  25. Leave a Reply

    Tina Jensen

    Hi! These look wonderful! How much Gentle Sweet could I use?

  26. Leave a Reply

    Kate J

    Hi! This recipe sounds yummy, I want to try it! I’d love to add flavor though using peppermint or raspberry extract. At what stage should I add those in?

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Great idea! I would add it to the heavy cream at the very beginning….otherwise I’d stir it in when the mixture is cool but still liquid. Either should work.

  27. Leave a Reply

    Kate J

    So I used a cup of sugar (only thing I have in the house, plus we like our sugar at work!) as my sweetener. I also added a tsp of mint extract in abut 3-5 minutes after I combined my cream mix and the chocolate. I stirred for a while, but I put it in the fridge after 15 minutes as it had reached its maximum thickness. It should be noted though that my house is currently 85 degrees. It is thickening nicely, I just pulled it out to stir and check on it.

  28. Leave a Reply


    Hi, is Truvia and Pyure interchangeable and i would use the same amount? Would I have to grind the truvia?

  29. Leave a Reply

    Kate J

    Not sure what I’ve done wrong, but my chocolate mix will not solidify. Perhaps due to the sugar I used instead of stevia? I figured it was too hot in the house (80 degrees), but after 24 hours in the fridge it is still a consistency of a chocolate syrup. It is not scoopable.

  30. Leave a Reply


    Hey there
    I was wondering whether you’re using dark chocolate or milk chocolate

  31. Leave a Reply

    Wanda Morgan

    I always get very sick when I use Stevia, so I don’t use it. Do you think that the granulated Splenda, might work? Thank you for sharing your recipe. I don’t mean to be negative in any way! Just would appreciate your input! Oh and have you ever made it with white chocolate?
    Thank you Sweetie!

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Wanda – thanks for commenting! I think granulated Splenda would definitely work. I would just taste the recipe as you go to get the right level of sweetness for your taste buds. I have not made them with white chocolate because I’ve yet to find a good low-carb white chocolate (which I would love if someone would make!).

  32. Leave a Reply


    I made these today. I couldn’t get them to firm up to make them scoopable even after letting it sit for hours in the fridge. I finally poured them in candy moulds. They didn’t harden after several hours in the fridge so I put them in the freezer. At least that way I was able to get them out. They taste great but do you know why they might not harden? Should I decrease the amount of heavy cream? I used a Stevia – Erythritol mix as the sweetener.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      I’m not sure Carla! I’ve tested this recipe multiple times because people have struggled with it but it always turns out right for me. I’m sorry that you had issues – the only solution I can think of would be to decrease the quantity of cream like you suggested.

  33. Leave a Reply


    Is it really only 2 grams of carbs per truffle? I bought the Pyure Stevia Blend and the carb count for that is 2 per 1/2 teaspoon. There are 24 tsp. per 1/2 cup, so that would be 48 half teaspoons. Two grams of carbs for each 1/2 tsp would be 96 grams of carbs for the entire recipe. Divided by 20 truffles would be 4.8 grams of carbs per truffle, just for the Stevia. I made these and the recipe worked great, and they taste good too. I just want to be sure I’m not eating too many carbs.

    • Leave a Reply

      [email protected]

      Hi Rae – I think you’re right! I didn’t include the sweetener in my calculations because I just assumed it didn’t have any carbs since it’s sugar-free. That was probably pretty silly of me! I will correct that from now on. Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you like the recipe.

  34. Leave a Reply


    I tried making these last night and as of today, it is still runny and wont set up. How can i fix this?!

  35. Leave a Reply


    Do you think I could use full fat coconut milk for non-dairy version?

      • Leave a Reply


        Well, over the weekend I tried using full fat coconut milk. It worked! I reduced the amount from 9 oz to 8 oz, but kept the Pyure the same at 1/2 cup. These are delicious and satisfy my chocolate cravings!! They are VERY sweet though. Next time, I’ll try reducing the Pyure to 1/3 cup.

        • Leave a Reply

          [email protected]

          Yay! So glad to hear they worked out. Okay, good to know your take on the sweetener – I usually cater to my husband’s sweet tooth, and he’s used to Hershey’s milk chocolate ;P

  36. Leave a Reply


    Read thru most of the comments-I love this recipe! Two little bits in the evening satisfies my sweet tooth. I have this 3 times with no issues. Used the heavy whipping cream as states, erythitol(my favorite sweetener, I ground it this time and think it will be perfect), this time splurged on ghirardelli 100%cacao unsweetened baking bar. Added vanilla extract this time, wishing for coffee extract! I also add1 scoop of brown rice protein powder with no problem. It is a tad grainy but I don’t mind. When ready I roll the scoops in shredded unsweetened coconut and some in chopped walnuts! Yum! And thank you, it is a tad bitter if I dwell on it but I dwell on the chocolate!

  37. Leave a Reply

    Christine Hauserman

    i was so excited to make these. made them today and they never got firm. i substituted your sweetener for truvia.

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